I will never solicit donations for this site.  However, I will encourage you in regards to how God requires us to give back from the first fruits which he has called us to steward in this life.  First, tithe.  What does that mean? 10% of what you are given belongs to the church.  Anything you wish to give above and beyond that is called alms.  This does not have to go to the church; however, I encourage you to give what you are called above and beyond tithing to a faith-based ministry that helps the less fortunate.

Giving is simple.  Let it come from a cheerful heart.  I will never shame you for not giving; however, God will continue to tug on your heart in order for you to step out in faith!  If you can’t give money, GIVE PRAYERS, TIME, & SERVICE!  God accepts this giving too!

Below are some resource I use to continually renew the Holy Spirit’s fire within me!

My Utmost for His Highest
Our Daily Bread (devotional)
Bible Gateway (King James Version)
Fast America Prayer List (2016)
Bible Study Tools
Becoming a Friend of God (article)
Bible Study Tools: Reading the Bible in a Year (reading plans)
Sample Faith Statement

Who is Jesus?