The Symphony of Service

Hope for the Rawa Community

Above is a story for a group of people that the Lord has given me a heart for.  Those who speak Rawa are of a special tribe and community in Papa New Guinea.  I hope to travel there one day to share some of the stories of the Old Testament that point to the beauty that they have already received in their translation of the New Testament.

What is the reason for this new hope? First, Christ Jesus.  However, a close second would be the service of God’s people across the globe. Before Jesus ascended into Heaven, HE gave us the Great Commission. Be a servant leader and join the mission field. Join the Symphony of Service, which is the entire body of Christ!

God is Hope.  God is Love.  God gives us faith and endurance to face each day. If you are called to foreign missions, don’t delay. We are to speed the light of Christ to all who have not heard.  Trust me, there are still people out there without any concept or knowledge of Jesus Christ. There are people hungry for Jesus. He still heals, He still forgives, and He still gives grace and hope to the lost and weary who search for Him! Serve HIM ONLY and He will make your paths straight before you!

Favorite name of God: ELOHIM (The TRUE God)
Favorite name of the Son of God: YESHUA HAMASHIACH (Jesus, the Messiah: Hebrew)
Favorite name with Hidden Meaning: YHWH (Jehovah, or I AM)
[Yeshua Hamashiach, White Horse, Rider #2, Horseman #5, Faithful and True
Scriptural Reference: Revelation 19:11-16Yeshua, the Heavenly Warrior, Hamashiach]


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