Let the LORD Fight for You

Exodus 14: Read the entire chapter. In this passage, the Lord is speaking through His servant Moses. In verse 14, we come across a well known passage of scripture, “The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” This takes place while the Israelites are fleeing their slavery in Egypt, being pursued by Pharaoh. This also happens to be where they rest by the sea before the Lord parts the Red Sea. You know the Lord is fighting for you when he makes a dry path through the an enormous body of water.

Do we let the Lord fight for us today? Letting the Lord fight for us is not hard, but it is a daily battle against our own will.  If we follow our own will, we are doomed.  However, if we follow the Lord’s pleasing and perfect will, the Lord WILL perform a beautiful work in your life.

What things seem impossible to you today? Trust God for them, and these things will become the possibility of tomorrow.

Never doubt the LORD’s desire to fight for you. Even when you feel distant from God, you remain number one in His Sight! He will never stop until you finish the fight. Rather, think of the fight for our eternal souls as a race where Jesus stands with arms wide open, ready to usher you into His Everlasting Peace & Rest!


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