Workers for the Kingdom

Matthew 10:10 – “…the worker is worth his keep…”  Thus, receive power from on high, God’s reward is with those who receive the work of the Cross, and do what they are called to do! Be healed and a healer.

At 9:36 PM, feeling led to search the Holy Scriptures of the Lamb, looked upon the book of Matthew and received a word from Jesus.

The United States in a time of healing, great boldness, and revival.  The LORD Yeshua has shown his power over every single facet of this fallen world, His Kingdom is at Hand.

Revival abounds, but the Coming Kingdom needs workers, are you ready to work and see the Glory of His Majesty?

Below is a message of encouragement/prophecy to spur you on to righteousness and good deeds because of the YHWH’s grace:

“Fear not children of Israel, Luke 1:80, your manifestation before God to the people shortly approaches.  Do not let FEAR or ANXIETY befall you.  The LORD’s hand is on you.  Do not be dissuaded anymore, souls for CHRIST are still being won.  Victory abounds and the Crown of the Righteous will surely not pass away.  For the Words of the Messiah Yeshua have not passed away.  His word is FAITHFUL and TRUE.  The Heavenly Warrior is calling you to enlist.  Show no anger, fear, or hatred for those who oppress you… remember, they first oppressed me without prevailing.  If the LORD is with you, numbers of strength will return to you.  7779, God’s Judgment on your land remains, but God’s instruments of TRUTH will blast their Trumpets, REPENTANCE is still happening.  Fear not mainstream sources who promote fear, TRUST the HOLY WORDs of the LIVING.  The DEAD will reap their destruction in DUE TIME.  God’s timing is now.”


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